Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Djd Set: Devil City Swing, Sunday Night

Devil City Swing has got to be one of my favourite exchanges. So I was thrilled to be playing a set there. My set was Sunday night at the last venue (The Grand Poobah). We were late getting into the venue so I couldn't have music playing when people arrived. The first couple of songs were essentially the sound check as the system was set up. As it was the last night I knew that folk would be sitting, chatting and drinking (though clearly not enough as the venue didn't go through till as late as they could have) as well as dancing so I tried to play tunes that would work for both listening and dancing.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Godwin's Law

Christopher Monckton. Godwin's Law.

That is all.

I would like to go to one of his talks, but only if the venue is licensed so I can play the fallacy drinking game. I'd probably wind up with alcohol poisoning though.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Links of the week

Late last week the winners of the Seattle Vintage Jazz Dance third annual Swing/Jazz Dance Music Video Contest were announced. The first place winner is fantastic:

I've already written about the 'working families' phenomenon. Now the Sydney Morning Herald's economics editor, Ross Gittins, explores how poverty (lack of income) is just one of the features that creates social disadvantage.

Sue Hoffman on The Drum argues that temporary protection visas actually increased boat arrivals, particularly of women and children.

With the final election results in and Antony Green back in the country he's posted a bunch of statistics on his blog.

And Ben Goldacre in The Guardian notes "how often children are able to spot bullshit, and how often adults want to shut them up".