Thursday, 28 November 2013

Herräng Resources

Well I'm officially feeling nostalgic about summertime craziness in a small town in Sweden. Registration for 2014 ain't that far away so in the first of a few posts I may or may not write about Herräng I've put together this (incomplete) list of resources about the centre of the centre of the Lindy Hop Universe.
Official Sites
Official Website (I'll note that they've done a major revamp this year)

(and it would appear that Heaven's Kitchen has a website too)

Social Media



Blog Posts
I've tried to concentrate on blog posts that have been written in the last few years. There's plenty out there from before then.

Lloydian Dance - Reviews of every camp since 1999 (warning - reading these can be a huge time sink - especially if you've been to Herräng before. Lloyd is also a person of very strong opinions, so tune out if you're easily offended)

It's the Way That You Do It - What's Herräng and 10 Things to Know about Herräng 

Ickeroo's - Top 10 Things To Bring With You to Herrang

Small Dancer Ramblings - Herräng for Dummies (also see this post on the 2011 camp)

Jazz up your life Singapore - The Ultimate Guide to Herräng 2011

Rikomatic's 2011 Herräng series - Day 2, Day 3, Swing Kids, Carling Family, Floorcraft, Flu, Final Day, Food.

Norma Miller's HDC 2012 Review

My World in D Flat - Its the Final Countdown! Herrang 2012.

Calle Johansson's Channel (the unofficial official Herräng channel)

Herräng on Vimeo

Tor Helmstein's Videos (a number of public service announcements and other videos shown in the evening meetings)

Lindybeige's Herräng series (more from Lloyd - this time in video format)

Chester Whitmore - Blackman and Reefer

Anthony Mak's Why We Lindy Hop - Video 1, Video 2, Video 3, Video 4

Film Festival videos (Herräng the Musi-Documentary, The Creeper, Herrang Hide and Seek if anyone has more upload them to Youtube)

Blues Dancing Educational Video

Yehoodi Talk Show's Herrang Show

Lonely Planet - 15 min Audio Documentary

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Online News in Australia

With some recent announcements it appears that the number of online news providers in Australia is going up. So (more for my own benefit that anything else - as I want to be able to keep track of the haps back home) I've created a list of online news and current affairs sites in Oz. I'm going to keep things general (so no topic specific sites - e.g. Gawker and publications from Private Media like Smart Company and the AIBM publications like Business Spectator) and electronic (so nothing that also exists in print like The Monthly or the News Ltd. and Fairfax publications).

I'm including sites that feature a paywall - I think that we should pay for quality journalism. If you're a news and current affairs geek like me then you really should subscribe to one (I subscribe to Crikey, mainly for their in-depth work, but choose whatever you want - there's even some you can donate to). I've ordered the sites by their Alexa ranking in Australia.

Daily (during the week at least) or Constantly Updating

ABC Online - 23

The Guardian - 69

SBS Online - 174

The Conversation - 453

Crikey - 786

The New Daily - 1657 

Online Opinion - 1876

Independent Australia - 2635

New Matilda - 6682

The Global Mail - 7672


Inside Story - 26331

Reportage Online