Swing DJ

I've been DJing for swing dances since 2008. I specialises in hot jazz from the 20s, big band swing from the 30s, 40s jump blues and modern bands that play in these styles. I've DJed regularly for dancers in Sydney, Australia and at many exchanges including:

The Sydney Lindy Exchange, Australia

Hullaballo, Perth, Australia
Devil City Swing, Hobart, Australia
Canberrang, Canberra, Australia
The Sydney Lindy Exchange and the Australian Swing Dance Championship

Jumptown Jam, Canberra, Australia

Hullaballo, Perth, Australia
Little Big Weekend, Sydney, Australia
Sunshine Swing, Brisbane, Australia
Herrang (volunteer DJ), Sweden
    I was also been a guest DJ on Yehoodi Radio. That was a really fun gig, a musical travelogue of a CD collecting trip I took in the USA. 

    I'm obsessed with the greatest rhythm section of all time comprising Count Basie, Walter Paige, Jo Jones and Freddie Green - the old testament Basie band. I love new bands that combine the solid four on the floor feel of the Basie rhythm section with the small group improvisation of New Orleans - that sends dancers wild. I have an aversion to neo-swing am curious about electroswing and spend a lot of time geeking out about the circumstances of live recordings (did you know that THAT version of C-Jam Blues was recorded during a Jam Circle with Frankie Manning?).

    I'm currently based in Lombardia, Italy. If you're interested in having me DJ at your event (or just want to geek out about music together) drop me a line on my email or catch me at an event in Milano (I'm ususally at the Swinging Around Collective's events - look for the guy with cake).

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