Sunday, 4 March 2012

2012: The Mayans are Coming!

Well 2012 is now in full swing and the media is full of talk about Mayans and the end of the world (why do I feel like we've been here before). I thought I'd put together a bit of list from some of the best alternative commentary on the web.

The first is this video from CGPGrey (who also appears to be a big election geek making videos about various voting systems. And reminds me of Yahtzee another videoblogger):

Then we have this comic from xkcd:

Only problem with this approach is that it will only take about a week before all the new age hippies (sorry, alternative lifestyle enthusiasts) start rabbiting on about something else.

Then we have this one from Dinosaur Comics:

Perhaps the best commentary comes from prolific blogger and debunker Phil Plait of Bad Astronomy. He has written many posts debunking 2012 including some rather sombre ones. He writes:
I hate to write this, but I expect we’ll be hearing more about people going through with suicide over the next few months because of these doomsday claims. How many of them might have had a chance to seek help, to live longer, if the idea of a 2012 doomsday weren’t so prevalent?
A timely reminder that even though we might laugh at the idea of a 2012 doomsday there's a much more serious side. (And if you or someone you know needs help Lifeline is there 24/7)